RDH Mini Highbanker Gold Buster 2


RDH Mini Highbanker Gold Buster 2

RDH GOLD BUSTER(2)-Recirculating Highbanker with 1200 gph DC Pump.

RDH GOLD BUSTER(2)-Recirculating Highbanker. It come's with a 12volt 1200-gph pump, 6-ft Recirculating hose, recirculating pump bracket, Tub Stand, Gravel Catch, Leg Kit and black ribbed matting for fast gold ID and ribbed miner's carpet. We make these to fit in a 35-Gal plastic tubs that comes with it. All you need is a ,12V-lawn mower battery or a buster power pack. These are local items you can pick up to save on shipping. You can use RDH GOLD BUSTER(2)-Recirculating Highbanker in the desert or almost anywhere. The Recirculating Highbanker will help get the gold much faster than panning or drywashing. The sluice and hopper make 45" of classifying area. The box is 9"W x 27"L and hopper are 9"W x 18"L x 3 inch high sides. This Highbanker has a 12volt 1200-gph pump for plenty of water volume. The sluice and hopper is a strong .080 gauge 5052 aircraft aluminum. The riffle and cage is also aluminum.


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Price: $679.95
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