Gold Screw Panner


Gold Screw Panner

No other spiral panner compares to the Gold Screw.  Recovers up to 98% of 150 mesh gold!  Separates gold from concentrates in less than a minute.  Cam action on wheel creates vibrating action.  Easy pan angle and water pressure adjustments.  Solid construction 4 DEEP spiral riffles with large lead-ins set this pan apart.  SP750 pump provides water flow  Works great for amalgamation. Amalgamation instructions included.  12 volt battery operated (not incl).

Before you buy an automatic panner --
Check out these points!

* Does the bowl vibrate?
          Vibration naturally causes heavier material to settle into the grooves
* Are the riffles undercut?
          This is great for trapping gold and allowing lighter materials to wash away
* How big or far do the lead in riffles reach out of the bottom of the bowl?
          Smaller riffles sometimes don't have a chance to grab gold before it washes out
* Is the bowl one, solid piece?
          Ridges or tabs disrupt grooves and gold recovery
*  How sturdy is the bowl?
          Extreme temperature and UV light can warp or deteoriate a bowl
*  Is the center tube stainless steel?
          This allows the bowl to be used for amalgamation of concentrates


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Price: $1,095.95