Royal 30" Recirculating Sluice Kit

  • 30” Compact Sluice Box
  • Attachable flare not pictured
  • Compact Folding Stand
  • Tsunami 1200 GPH 12VDC Pump
  • 7’ x 1-1/8” Hose
  • 15.9 lbs.

Our 30” Recirculating Sluice Box Kit is built around our rugged 30” Compact sluice box. A smaller version of the Multi Purpose Kit, it has all the same quality features. The sluice can be used alone, it can be used with our stand that includes adjustable legs to make it easy when leveling out your sluice box in any terrain, add a Header Kit when in still waters (lakes, ponds, slow creeks and rivers, etc,) or no water, then it becomes a highbanker. Our kit consists of a 30” Sluice Box, Header kit, Sluice stand that folds down to 8” X 23″ with adjustable legs. With the addition of a reservoir and tailing buckets (not included), you can turn this unit into a recirculator. That’s 3 machines for the price of one!

Comes with a 58 minute “how to” DVD
(When Purchased directly from Royal)

Price: $329.95