Used - Minelab Explorer II


Used Minelab Explorer 2 (7.25" (800) Coil, and 10.5" (1000) with Scuff Pad Cover.) Has (AA) battery pack in forearm support - The Minelab Explorer II detector was released in May 2003 and is no longer in production. The Explorer II was a coin and relic detector utilising FBS technology.

From the electronic manual: The Explorer II is different to conventional metal detectors and features a number of technological innovations and design features which are introduced and explained in this manual. The Explorer II is designed to locate valuable metal objects in a wide variety of ground conditions including extreme salt conditions and sea water, wet beach sand and highly mineralized ground conditions. The detector’s simple-to-use control panel and fully automatic Quickstart mode enable the beginner to start detecting immediately after assembling the detector. Advanced mode’s options will enable you to customize your detector for years to come. Before you attempt to use your detector in the field, you should follow the chapters of this manual to assemble, understand and customize the Explorer II to suit your personal requirements.

All used equipment is sold as is, there are no warranties, exchanges or refunds. There might be slight paint chips, scratches and other normal ware marks. If there are any functioning problems they will be listed above.

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