AB Flux Kit.

  • Posted on: 14 November 2017
  • By: abprospecting

Though AB Prospecting stands by not selling pre-made fluxes, we will sell you main chemicals to make your own flux. Included in your purchase we will provide a sheet of some proven flux formuals with your order. Sheet is also written below.

Flux formulas from various sources:

((1)part ore to (3) parts Flux in volume)

(5) Assay Tons in #5 Crucible. 

Ammen's Book: 
(5) Parts Soda Ash
(4) Parts Borax Glass
(2) Parts Silica Powder

Nola May Carter Book:
(3) Tablespoons Soda Ash
(1/4) Cup Silica Powder
(2) Tablespoons Borax Glass

Prospector Ed Book:
(16) Parts Soda Ash
(5) Parts Silica Powder
(11) Parts Borax Glass

Jim Mills
(3) Parts Borax Glass
(1) Part Soda Ash
(1/2) Part Silica Powder
(1/2) Teaspoon Charcoal (Powder) (https://abprospecting.com/?q=node/787)
-Add Potasium Nitrate (Nitre) (http://abprospecting.com/?q=node/691) to oxidize copper (1/8) Part to Flux

Price: $48.85
Borax Glass - 2.5lb
Silica Powder (200 Mesh) - 2lb
Sodium Carbonate (Soda Ash) - 7lb