Proline 2.5" Dredge/Highbanker Combo


Proline 2.5" Dredge/Highbanker Combo
Perfect Size Dual-Purpose Machine

Our Proline 2.5" combo has become very well accepted with many prospectors who feel it's the perfect size dual-purpose machine. When this unit is being operated as a dredge, it's capable of processing in excess of five cubic yards of material per hour. It's also the smallest combo that can handle a continuous feed with a standard size shovel, making it the perfect size for one or two people. This combo falls halfway in size between the 2" and 3" models and has incorporated some features from both of them. For example, the stand and legs are longer, but made out of the same size material as the 2" combo for weight savings. The polyethylene plastic hopper has been reinforced just like the 3" unit, and the riffles have a stiffening rod on them to ensure a longer life and the sluice box is made of the same thickness of aluminum as the 3"combo making for a very strong unit.

Powered by a Honda GX120 engine and our HP200 pump, this is by far the most powerful 2.5" combo available anywhere. The HP200 was developed for high volume as well as the working pressure necessary for successful high-banking. This pump was also one of the first of its size which was engineered to be capable of driving an air compressor while still maintaining ample suction power.

All Proline dredge/high-banker combos are popular with prospectors who are looking for maximum versatility in a well-built proven design. If the 2" combo isn't up to your needs, and if the 3" combo is a little too large, then the 2.5" Proline combo might be the perfect choice!

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Price: $3,550.00
Over-sized Container Required